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Strengthening the UK's Renewable Energy Supply

Supporting Wind and Solar Developers around the UK


UK solar and wind energy sites

72 installations

around the UK

120 Megawatts

Operational capacity across sites

The Power of Blackfinch Energy

We’re a leading investor in renewable energy projects, making equity investments in deals with a total size of £5-50 million enterprise value. Our team manages Sedgwick Trading Limited, the underlying company which owns and operates sites UK-wide. All are based on sustainable energy, mainly solar and wind, from ground-mount solar photovoltaics (PV) and rooftop solar PV, to onshore wind.

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What We Look For


Ideal capacity


Enterprise value

Wind or Solar

Energy type



Focus on Real Assets

Our underlying company, Sedgwick Trading Limited, has a diverse and complex energy portfolio. We invest at different stages, from planning and construction to operational. Across deals we look to take a majority stake and typically aim for 100% ownership.

As an investment manager, we actively seek out the lower-risk energy-producing assets like wind and solar farms. This allows us to carefully manage the volume of energy generated, which in turn creates more stable revenues. This benefits our investors, who are looking for predictable returns and diversity amongst their investment products.


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Blackfinch Energy’s Horsey Levels Makes History as First ‘Accelerated’ Solar Grid Connection in UK

Alan Gorman, Investment Director at Blackfinch, announces the official energisation of Horsey Levels Solar Farm in Somerset, adding to the UK’s renewable energy efforts.

The project, constructed by Enviromena, is historic as it is the first in the country to benefit from the National Grid’s Technical Limits acceleration program, which aims to streamline the integration of renewable energy into the national grid.

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Strong Relationships, Built to Last




Solar Energy

One of the sector’s fastest-growing technologies, popular from domestic rooftop to larger solar farms. It also benefits from a trend for lower installation costs.

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Wind Energy

Over the last decade, demand has grown for this form of energy. It is also recognised as offering one of the lowest-cost forms of new generation capacity.

Projects That Excite Us The Most

  • Developers with a track record of success, where long-term operations and maintenance contracts are in place with industry-leading suppliers.
  • Many projects benefit from prior government subsidies. We also invest in subsidy-free developments.
  • Each project’s profile must be in line with our responsible investing policy.
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