Blackfinch Energy

Embracing Renewable Energy

49 sites Solar and wind energy

16 companies We're working with

62 megawatts Installed capacity across sites

118 gigawatt hours Generation capacity per annum

Investing in Renewable Energy

We’re a leading investor in renewable energy and energy infrastructure projects, making equity investments from £5-30 million. Our team manages Sedgwick Trading, which owns and operates sites UK-wide. All are based on sustainable energy, mainly solar and wind, from ground-mount solar photovoltaics (PV) and rooftop solar PV, to onshore wind.

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Focus on real assets

Investment in real assets like wind and solar farms offers returns uncorrelated with stock market volatility. This gives exposure to some of the lowest-risk energy-producing assets. We can target predictable revenue streams relating to the volume of energy generated.

Solar Energy

One of the sector’s fastest-growing technologies, popular from domestic rooftop to larger solar farms. It also benefits from a trend for lower installation costs.

Wind Energy

Over the last decade, demand has surged for this form of energy. It is also recognised as offering the lowest-cost form of new generation capacity.

Our Approach

We look for developers with a track record of success, where long-term operations and maintenance contracts are in place with industry-leading suppliers. Many projects benefit from prior government subsidies. We also invest in subsidy-free developments. Each project’s profile must be in line with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy.


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